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Elite Business Builder Training Series: The KBCC Ultimate Listing Consultation

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 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® Signature Service 

April 24th, 2017: 10 AM-1PM EST

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As the market continues to outpace the traditional Real Estate Sales approach, only one questions remains: Will you invest in a high value, systemized approach? Or as with so many in Real Estate, continue to see sales dwindle as precious repeat and referral clients flow to agents skilled in competition leveraging marketing, technology, and systems to provide more than a solo agent can afford..
The "KBCC Ultimate Listing Consultation" provides a glimpse into our powerful Listing System, and offers the one tangible most in demand, and rarely offered by Salespeople: Value, Wisdom, and Choice.
We will take you through the process of offering value in a manner offering you a predictable result: 80% of Sellers choosing to work with you, and when combined with our overall Listing System, at a higher commission rate.
We will walk through the step by step approach to offer value, market knowledge, marketing, and create a logical process which leaves you as the obvious choice.